1-Time vs Every-Time Items in Recurring Booking


You have the option of setting these items as “This Booking only” or “every booking” on a recurring booking:

  • Extras
  • Tip
  • Price Adjustment

This is useful when:

  • the customer only wants to have the extra service done for a specific booking in the recurring series
  • the customer wants to add the same Tip amount for every booking
  • staff wants to add a Price Adjustment for “This Booking only” or for every booking

Default Preference for Extras

You can specify in your Extras settings if an Extra should be “This Booking only” or for “All Bookings” in a recurring series.

The system will apply this preference to every extra that is added to a booking when that recurring booking is created.


Staff can change items on a booking to One Time or Every Time

Staff users or the customer can change their extras to be one time or every time.

The system will detect when an extra, tip or price adjustment are added to the booing, and show a modal window to let you specify if they should be one time or every time:

Making Items One-Time vs Every Time in a Recurring Booking - Recurring Items Settings - Launch27

Note: only Staff users can make changes to a Price Adjustment. Customers are not allowed to change the Price Adjustment

You can also click on “View Recurring Items” to change the preferences at any time you like.

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