Email Notifications – Overview

Email Notifications – Overview

Email Notifications get sent to your Customers, Support inbox, Teams and Staff whenever something important happens.

A few examples of the notifications we send out are:

  • Booking Confirmation
  • Rate Our Service (after Team performs service)
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Upcoming Booking Reminder for Customers
  • Team Schedules


How to Edit your Email Templates

You can edit the following parts of the email templates:

  • Subject – the subject line of the email
  • Pre-Header – the “preview” text of the email message displayed in email inboxes
  • Title – the main heading displayed in the body of the email
  • Body – the body of the email message

To edit your email template:

  1. Go to Settings -> Emails > Email Templates
  2. Click the Edit button next to the Email Template you want to edit
  3. Make changes to your template’s Subject, Pre-Header, Title and Body.
  4. Click Save.

Adding Data to your Templates

You can customize the data that’s displayed in your email templates using data code tags in your templates. Here’s a few examples:

  • {{ booking.name }} – Full Name of the Customer that created the Booking
  • {{ client.name }} – Company Name
  • {{ client.booking_cancellation_fee }} – Cancellation Fee

These code tags may be added to the Subject, Pre-Header, Title and Body.

When trying to add these tags to the body of your template, you can use a special menu in the email editor to look up code tags and insert them into your message:


Email Editor - code tags menu

How to Edit your Master Template

The master template is the main theme for your email template and is where your email’s header and footer section live. Your master template controls the following:

  • Header content
  • Footer content
  • Primary Color (i.e. used in the Sub-Heading background, buttons and links)
  • Primary Text Color (i.e. font color used in the Sub-Heading and buttons)

To edit the Master Template:

  1. Go to Settings -> Emails > Master Templates
  2. Click on the Master template (i.e. named “Default”)
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click Save

How to Restore your Template back to its Default content

IMPORTANT: Starting September 2017, your template will be reset to our new HTML template designs when you use the Restore to Default feature.

You can use the “Restore to Default” feature if you ever want to undo changes you made to a template, including the Subject, Pre-Header, Title and Body. To restore a template:

  1. Go to Settings -> Emails > Email Templates
  2. Click the Edit button next to the Email Template you want to edit
  3. Click the Restore Default button
  4. Any changes you’ve made will be lost, so the system will ask you to confirm you want to restore your template back to its default content. Click Restore to proceed

Your template is now restored to its default content.

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