Add More Than One Customer Phone #


You can add multiple Phone numbers for your customers:

  1. Go to your customer’s profile
  2. Click on Settings > Edit Contact Info
  3. Click on Add Phone
  4. Enter the Phone Number, type and whether it is the Preferred Phone for the customer
  5. Click Save


Add multiple phones to customer


Can customers add multiple phone numbers via their self-service login?

Yes, customers are able to add multiple phone numbers via their self-service account. They’d do it via a process that’s very similar to what’s described above.

Is it possible to import multiple phone numbers for a customer?

Yes this is possible. Suppose your customer has two phone numbers: work and home. To import both numbers, your CSV will need to have two separate records for that customer.

These records should be identical EXCEPT that one would contain the work phone number and the other would contain the home phone number. When the system imports them, it knows to add the second phone number to the same customer because the Email address would be identical between the two customer records.

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