How to Pre-Select Values on the Booking Form

Pre-Select Values – Overview

You can pre-select the Service and Frequency on your booking form.

This would be useful if you want to share a link for a specific service you offer. Once the customer clicks that link, they’ll be taken to your booking form with the service already selected for them.

How it Works

By adding certain key-value pairs (called query string parameters) to the URL  of your Booking page, you can tell the Launch27 booking form which Service and/or Frequency to pre-select when the form loads.

Here are the query string parameters that you may use:

  • service_id: the ID of the Service you want to pre-select
  • pricing_param_quantity: the quantity of the pricing parameter you want to pre-select. Note: this is only applicable if your service has a pricing parameter added to it
  • frequency_id = ID of the frequency they want to preselect when form loads

An example of how a link would look with all of these parameters set is:


How to Preselect a Service and Frequency

Step 1: How to find the ID of the Service or Frequency

  1. Go to Settings -> Services -> Services or Frequencies
  2. Hover over the edit icon
  3. You will see a URL in your browser’s status bar that looks like this:
    1. http://www.yoursite.com/admin/services/10/edit
    2. http://www.yoursite.com/admin/frequencies/10/edit
  4. The red numbers in the URL above are the IDs you would use for the parameters
  5. (Optional) If you have a pricing parameter, you just need to pass in a number to represent the Quantity. If your quantities are 1-6 for the pricing parameter, you can use any number from 1 to 6.

Step 2: Add the parameters to the URL

Let’s assume this is the URL of the booking page on your website:


A Single Parameter:

When you are adding a single parameter, you always add a ‘?’ before the name of the parameter.

Service Only

This would be used if you want the service with ID ‘3’ to be pre-selected:


Frequency Only

This would be used if you want the frequency with ID ‘3’ to be pre-selected:



This would be used if you want to pre-select an extra:

  • extra[<extra_id>]=<extra_quantity>


Zip Code

This sets the zip code to be pre-filled on the form:



This would be used to pre-enter a phone number:

  • phone=test



This would be used to pre-enter an email:

  • email=test


Number of Workers

Sets the number of workers to be pre-selected on the form (for hourly services):

  • service_id=<ID of your hourly service>
  • quantity=2


Number of Hours

Sets the number of hours (in minutes) to be pre-selected on the form (for hourly services):

  • service_id=<ID of your hourly service>
  • minutes=120


Discount Code

Enters a discount code into the Discount Field of the booking form. For a discount code called “springclean”:



Service Date and Time

Enters a service date into the Date field, and a time into the Time field of the booking form:

  • date – for Service Date. Format – YYYY-MM-DD i.e. date=2018-12-13.
  • time – for Service Time. Format – HH-MM (24 hours) i.e. 1:45PM would be time=13-45.
  • arrival_window – for Arrival Window. Format – N (integer, in minutes) i.e. a 2 hour arrival window would be arrival_window=120


Service Category

Selects a service category on the booking form:

  • category_id – ID of the service category i.e. category_id=10


Multiple Parameters:

When you are adding multiple parameters, you always add a ‘?’ before the name of the FIRST parameter, then a ‘&’ before the name of each subsequent parameter

Service and Pricing Parameter

This would be used if you want the service with ID ‘3’ and pricing parameter with quantity 3 to be pre-selected:


Service and Pricing Parameter

This would be used if you want the service with ID ‘3’ with a pricing parameter of quantity 3 and frequency with ID ‘3’ to be pre-selected:



How to Add Multiple Pricing Parameters

If you have multiple pricing parameters associated with your service, you can pre-select the quantities for each pricing parameter.

For example, if you have a Service (whose ID = 3) and two pricing parameters (whose IDs are 1 and 2), your link would look like this

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