Add the New Premium Booking Form to your Site


The new Premium Booking Form is available to users on our Pro and Plus plans.

If you’re signed up for one of those plans, you only need to make a simple change to your regular booking form code to use the premium version.

What does the new Form include?

  • A new form layout
  • A SIDEBAR with content about your company that you can edit yourself, and a Total summary section

How to Add the Premium Form to your Site

1) Copy the Code


  1. Go to Settings -> Booking Form -> Install Form
  2. Choose the Cleaning / Maids Form option
  3. Copy the code


Your code should look like this :

<script src=”https://YOURSITE.launch27.com/jsbundle”></script><iframe id=”booking-widget-iframe” src=”https://YOURSITE.launch27.com/?w_cleaning” style=”border:none;width:100%;min-height:3214px;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

2) Paste the New Code into your site

  1. Take the code you edited in Step 1, then paste it into your website.
  2. Save your Web page


Click here to see how to install the form into a Themestreet WordPress theme.

How to Customize the Content in the Sidebar

  1. Go to Settings -> Booking Form -> Customize Form -> System Fields tab
  2. Click on the Edit icon for the ‘Content Area’ field
  3. Change the content to what you want
  4. Click Save


How to Change the Icons for the Extras

  1. Go to Settings -> Services -> Extras
  2. Click on the Edit icon for the Extra
  3. Change the Icon to what you want
  4. Click Save


How wide should my page layout be?

Your page layout must have a booking form section that is at least 1080px wide. If not the form will resize itself to a mobile device format and end up hiding the sidebar.

Why does my form look narrow and why is the sidebar missing?

The reason why your form may look narrow, or the sidebar is missing is because your page layout needs to be wide enough to fit the entire form.

If it is not wide enough, the form will re-adjust itself to fit smaller pages (i.e. how web pages adapt to display on smaller mobile devices).

Why do my Extras have ‘check marks’ for icons?

If your are seeing check marks as the icons, go to Edit your Extra and set the Icon there.

Can I customize the Colors, Icons etc on this form?

No you cannot customize the colors and icons at this time. Only the content in the sidebar content area may be customized. In the future, we will allow you to customize colors.

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