Premium Booking Form – Overview

Premium Booking Form – Overview

Your Premium Booking Form Designer will allow you to make real-time changes to your booking form – every update to this form will reflect immediately on your live booking form.

You can find your Premium Booking Form Designer by going to:

  1. Settings > Booking Form > Premium Booking Form Designer


To view options for customizing your form, either select the Settings Gear to the left of the page, or select any content in the form for the Settings gear to pop out.

In your designer you will have the ability to customize:

  • Form Types
  • Form Colors
  • Text Colors/Fonts
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom CSS




Form Settings

This will allow you to customize the colors of the form and text fonts.  Use the dropdown menus to choose your Fonts, and you can use the color box to the right of each field to find the best color for your form.



Change your Services Display Type

You can change the way your Services are displayed on your booking form. There are three different display types: Drop Down, Icon Buttons, and Accordion Panels.

To change the display type, simply select the space between the services area, the settings pop out will appear for you to choose your display.

Drop Down
The drop down option is the more popular, traditional display type used.

Icon Buttons
The Icon Buttons choice is most commonly used when offering packages. In order for this option to work, you will need to link all Extras to each Service that you want to show.

Accordion Panels
This option is mostly used by Carpet Cleaning companies, and businesses wanting to offer multiple services. This option will need some additional setting up to do on the form, such as creating columns/rows for your Extras.

  1. Select Accordion Panels
  2. Select one of your Services that will be listed
  3. Select ‘Add Column’ and title it, for example ‘Extras’
  4. Select ‘Add Row’, and enter the name of the first Extra that is displayed in the drop down.
  5. Continue to add your Extras, but make sure the correct Extra is chosen in each drop down as you go

If you have Pricing Parameters linked to your Services, they will appear directly below the Service, above the column/rows.



 Add Extra Fields (Custom Fields)

You have the option to add fields to your form that will allow you to retrieve additional information from your customers. For example, “Where do we park?”, “Do you have pets?”.

All custom fields will be added to one section of the form, and that section’s title can be edited as well. For example, you can title your section “Additional Information”, “More Info”, etc. You can move your custom fields around in this section, but the fields will remain in this section. You cannot create additional fields and drag them to different sections of the form.

  1. Select the Settings Gear > Add Field
  2. Choose your Field Type


Add Pop Up Descriptions for Extras

You can enter a pop up description for your Extras that will show  when your customer hovers over your Extra on the booking form.

Add the Description for the pop up

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Extras
  2. Select your Extra, or select Add New if you are creating a new Extra
  3. Enter the description you want shown in the pop up, in the description field
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