Saving Changes to Recurring Bookings


Launch27 lets Staff apply changes made to a booking in a recurring series to:

  • This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited)
  • This Booking  + All Future Bookings
  • Specific Bookings you choose

This is useful if you need to make changes that should apply only to certain bookings in the series, while keeping the rest of the bookings unchanged. Here’s a few examples:

  • Customer needs to make a one-time date/time change or change in their normal service
  • A team is usually assigned to a booking but is unable to work on a certain date
  • Customer wants to change the frequency of their booking after a certain date (i.e. from weekly to monthly)

Saving Changes made to the Date, Time or Frequency

When you try to save changes made to a booking in a recurring series, the Edit Booking form displays a popup modal that detects if you made changes to the booking’s date, time or frequency.

These changes could affect:

  • the Day of the Week of the booking
  • the Time of Day the booking is scheduled for
  • how often the booking occurs

For those reasons, the popup modal will ask you if you want Recurring Jobs (aka bookings) to continue:

  • from the Date and Frequency selected Today – every booking after this booking will be scheduled for the same day of the week and time of day as this booking, and occur at the frequency set in this booking.
  • as Normal – changes made to this booking should be applied only to this booking, and every booking after this booking will keep the original day of the week, time of day and frequency.

Saving Changes to Recurring Booking - date, time and frequency

You may also adjust the date/time of each booking in the series individually, just in case they require separate date/time changes outside of the normal preferences.

If Date/Time/Frequency are the only changes you made, then you can click the Save at the bottom of the modal to apply your changes.

If you made additional changes, you will have to click Next to proceed to the next step…

Saving All Other Changes

Saving Changes to Recurring Booking - all other changes

The popup modal detects any changes you made to the following:

  • Extras
  • Tip
  • Price Adjustment & Comment
  • All other changes (date, time, assigned teams etc)

and asks how you want to apply each change:

  • Only This Booking – the change will be applied only to the booking being edited
  • This booking and All Following Bookings – the change will apply to this booking AND all bookings that are scheduled after this booking
  • All Bookings – the change will apply to this booking and bookings that are scheduled both BEFORE and AFTER this booking. The only exception is that your changes will NOT be applied to bookings that have already been marked as completed.

Once you’ve made your choices, click the Save at the bottom of the modal to apply your changes.

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