Set up Referral Program Link for Emails

Referral Program Link – Overview

Learn how to export your Customers data from Launch27 to send out an email campaign for your customer referral program.


Step 1: Enable the Referral Program

Enable the Referral Program. Below are detailed instructions on how to enable the Referral Program. https://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/overview-referral-programs/


Step 2: Export your Customer Data

Go to:

  1. Customers > Click the Export customers button
  2. Under Standard Fields, make sure you select Referral Code
  3. Click Download



Step 3: Import CSV into Software

Import the CSV into your email marketing software. You will want to make sure you have a custom field set up in there for RefCode.


Step 4: Create URL for Email

Set up a link in the email content similar to the one below.


Please note: Replace “https://your-company.com/book-a-cleaning/” with the URL of the booking page on your marketing website. Next, replace “insert-customer-refcode-from-your-software-here” with the RefCode from your email marketing software.

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