Email/Print Your Team Schedules

How to Email/Print your Team Schedules

After assigning bookings to your Teams, you can email/print them a copy of their Schedule for a particular date range:

  1. Go to either Bookings -> Active Bookings or the Scheduler page
  2. Click the Send Schedule button
  3. Choose a Date range you want to print/email a Schedule for. Note: Make sure that you have assigned Teams to your Bookings for this date. If you don’t, your schedules will NOT be emailed/printed.
  4. Click Send to Teams or Print for Teams. You may also click Send to Staff or Print for Staff if you just want to email/print the team schedules for your staff.

Each of your Teams will be emailed their schedule for the chosen Date (or a print window will open to print each team’s schedule if you chose to print).

Send Schedule to Teams - Launch27 online booking

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