Service Categories


You can organize your services into different categories. When you do so, customers can choose to view all of your services by category when they’re filling out your booking form.

Create a Service Category

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Service Categories
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter a Name for your category
  4. Under Services, select each service you would like to add to this categoryAdd Service Category - launch27.com online booking
  5. Click Save

Repeat these steps for as many categories as you have.

Changing the Display Order of your Service Categories

You may also change the display order of your categories by dragging-and-dropping them into the order you want on the main Service Categories page.

Change Service Category display order - launch27.com online booking

Make the Service Category section visible on your booking form

By default, the Service Category section is hidden on your booking form and you will have to make it visible to display your categories:

  1. Settings > Booking Form, then choose either the Premium or Default Form Designer
  2. Scroll down to the “Service Type” section
    Set Service Category to visible - launch27.com online booking
  3. One at a time, click on the section’s heading, paragraph, and the dropdown list field, and uncheck the Hidden box for each. You may also change the heading/paragraph text to whatever you like
    Set Service Category to visible - launch27.com online booking
  4. Click Save in the form designer’s settings to save your changes

Your booking form now shows a Service Categories section

Service Categories on booking form - launch27.com online booking

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