Services – Overview

Services – Overview

Your Services are what your business provides to your customers, they will be displayed on your booking form and in your Staff account.

You have the option to set up your services many different ways, here are some common ways our users set up their services.

The Flat Rate – The flat rate uses the Bedroom/Bathroom method, our most commonly used. Flat rates based on the number of bedrooms, and a pricing parameter for bathrooms is used to increase the service total (along with Extras, etc).

For Example: 1 bedroom = $99 + (cost per bathroom)

The Hourly Rate – When you need more precise pricing than a simple flat rate (i.e. big jobs that require more time than your normal Services are priced for). The Customer will be able to choose the Number of Maids and Number of Hours they want.

For example: If the Customer chooses 2 Maids for 2 Hours at $30 per hour, the amount of their booking will be $120.

By Square Footage – This will allow you to have a more control over pricing based on the size of the home.  The service amount will increase based on the square footage,  all you need to do is enter an amount per square foot and allow your customers to enter the size of their home.

For example: Your rate is .10/sq ft., and your customer books for 2,500 sq ft home. Their total will come to $250.00.


Add a Flat Rate Service

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Add New
  2. Enter your Service Name (1 Bedroom Home, 2 Bedroom Home, 3 Bedroom Home, etc.)
  3. Price your Flat Rate Service price ($99, $119, $139)
  4. Choose a Pricing Parameter to link this service to (Bathroom, Half Bathroom)



(Note: Selecting a Pricing Parameter will allow you to add a multiplier to the cost of the booking. For example, if you link this service to your Bathroom parameter, when your customer selects this service, it will prompt them to enter their amount of Bathrooms.)


Add an Hourly Service

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Add New
  2. Enter your Service Name (Hourly Service, 2 Bedroom Hourly Service)
  3. Enter your price per hour
  4. Check the Hourly Service option and enter values (see example below)




Add a Service Priced by Square Footage

Before you create the Service, you will need to create your Square Footage Pricing Parameter.

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Pricing Parameter > Add New
  2. Enter Square Footage as the Name
  3. Enter amount per Square Foot
  4. Choose the amount of min/max sq ft for this Pricing Parameter
  5. Choose the Service you want the Pricing Parameter to apply to




Now you can create the Service:

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Add New
  2. Enter your Service Name (Standard Clean, Deep Clean, Move In/Out)
  3. Enter the flat rate Price that you want to charge in addition to the square feet. For example you want to charge a flat fee of 50, then .20 per square foot.


Archive a Service

When you archive a service, you are no longer offering this service for new bookings. Previous bookings with the service will still be linked to those bookings. A service will be automatically archived, if you change the price of the service.

  1. Go to Settings > Services
  2. Select the Settings gear  settingsgear  to the right of the service
  3. Select Archive

(Note: If you want to view a list of your Archived services to restore them, select the drop down in the top left of your Services page)



Edit an Existing Service

  1. Go to Settings > Services
  2. Select the Settings gear  settingsgear  to the right of the service
  3. Select Edit

(Note: If you are changing the price of your service, the system will archive the service with the previous price, and save the new pricing as a new service. All of your bookings with your old price will keep the old price moving going forward. Changing the Service Name or other details of the service besides the price, will not cause the system to archive the service.)

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