How to Set Up Team Availability

Team Availability – Overview

Now you can track the availability of each of your Teams in Launch27 so that you know when they’re available to work.

To do this, go to:

  1. Settings > People > Team Availability
  2. Choose a Team whose Availability you’d like to view/change


You may setup Default Availability


Change a team’s Default Availability


Change availability for a Specific Date


Request Time Off


Teams can also manage their own availability:




Will a Team’s availability affect my booking spots?

No, at this time, the team availability will not affect your booking spots (aka availability). We are just saving this info for Staff to use as a reference when scheduling their jobs.

If a Staff member changes a Team’s availability, will the Team get notified?

Yes, the team will get notified if a change has been made to their availability.

If a Team changes their availability, will Staff be notified?

Yes, all Staff will be notified when a Team makes a change to their availability.

Is it possible for me to approve any changes made by a Team before they are reflected in the system?

At this time, there is not an approval feature for when a Team makes a change. Staff will be alerted if changes are made and can make any adjustments if they need to.

Can the Availability Calendar show the availability for all Teams at one time?

No, the availability calendar your Staff sees only shows the availability for one team at a time. You simply select the Team whose availability you would like to see.

Can I disable the email notifications if I want?

Yes there’s two ways to do it:

  • Disable the email notification completely via the Settings > Emails > Email Templates page. This will completely stop the email notifications from being sent, so be careful!
  • Unsubscribe from the emails via the My Account link. This only stops them from being sent to you.
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