Staff Booking Form – Overview

Navigating the Staff Booking Form

The staff booking form has a different appearance than the booking form on your website. This form is used internally for staff to view, make changes, or create new bookings for customers’ on their behalf.

The very top of the form, before any sections begin will be the booking service Date, Time, and Customer Name. To the right of the customer’s name will be a green tag if it is a new customer (a customer who hasn’t had a booking created yet).




The customer’s Email, First, and Last Name. The green tag will also appear here if it’s a ‘New Customer’.



Address – The customer’s address is a required field.  If the customer is already saved in the system the address field will be automatically filled in. However, if you need to service another address other than the one saved in your customer’s profile, you can make a one-off change for this booking by editing the address field.

Phone – The customer’s phone number is also a required field. This is the number that will be used to send reminder text messages to if opted in.



This is where the customer will choose how often they need a service and which service they want.

Frequency – The frequencies are how often your customer needs this service performed.

Type of Service – Is the service your customer wants performed. Below your Services will also include any Extras that you created as add ons to the service.


Next are additional booking options that will affect the total cost of the booking.

Discount Code – Your customer can enter a discount code/gift card code to receive savings on their services.

Price Adjustment – This field is used to make any adjustments to the booking price. As you enter your final price into the final price field, the amount to adjust (field to the left) will automatically update. Below the Price Adjustment fields is a comment box to record any details in regards to the adjustment for future reference.  You can check the “Price Adjustment only applies to this booking”, if you want this price adjustment to only apply to that booking (for recurring services).

Tip – This will allow you to add a Tip to the service

Payment Method – Choose the method of payment for your customer. If you choose Credit Card for a customer who hasn’t paid by credit card before, you will need to enter the credit card details. If the customer has paid by credit card before, the details will already be saved in the Customer Profile, and the credit card fields will not appear.



You have two options when choosing the Date/Time of a service to book:

From Schedule – Will reflect your business’ booking availability/spots. Any spot that is chosen, will count against your availability. Meaning, if you have 2 spots open for 8:30am and you choose the 8:30am spot, you now have 1 spot available.

Manual –  Be careful when using this option. This will not show your business’ booking availability/spots and this booking will not count towards your spots unless you choose a time identical to your spot settings.  Meaning, if you have 2 spots open for 8:30am and you choose 8:00am you will still have 2 spots open for 8:30am. This is usually used when changes or bookings need to be created outside of business hours.



By Staff – This is a place where you can leave comments in regards to the booking for you staff to see. Your customers cannot view the contents of this field.

By Customer – This is where your customers can leave comments/special instructions in regards to their service for you and your Teams to view.  Your customer’s can enter information in this field from the booking form on your website, or if they log in to the customer portal to create a booking.  The text entered into this field, will populate here for the staff to see.


Assign Teams

This part of the booking form will allow you to choose the Team that you want to perform the service.

Teams/Assign To – When you select Assign To, you will be given an option of Teams to assign to the booking, along with a breakdown of their pay for any last minute adjustments.

Team has Key – Appoint the Team that has the key, or is responsible for the Key

Team Requested – If the customer requested a specific Team that needs to be assigned, the team can be chosen here.



Staff Booking Summary

The staff booking summary is going to show a breakdown of the cost of service.

Service – The fee just for the service that was chosen an addition to the pricing parameter (i.e. One Bedroom Home + Bathrooms, 2 Bedroom Home + Bathrooms)

Extras – The price chosen for the Extras

Discounts – The amount discounted from the booking using a Discount Code, Frequency Discount, or Gift Card

Adjustment – Any funds being added or subtracted to the booking from the Price Adjustment fields

Tip – The amount of tip that was added to the booking

Total – Complete total after all discounts and adjustments


Staff Booking Actions

Below your Booking Summary on the Staff Booking form, there will be different options for the Staff or Admin to choose from.  Each one of these options will perform an action for the selected booking.


Save Changes – This will save any changes made to the booking (i.e. date/service time, price adjustment, etc).

Save and Send Message – This will allow you to choose from various email templates that are sent from the system. The following emails can be edited and sent to your customer, in regards to the booking:

  • Booking Confirmation (Manual)
  • Booking 1 & 3 Day Reminders
  • Booking Rating Email
  • Happy Rating Follow Up Email
  • Invoice Charged (Credit Card Invoice)
  • Non Credit Card Booking Invoice (Cash, Check, Paypal)



Cancel Booking – Cancel the booking without the Cancellation Fee (if you have one set up in your Settings).

Cancel Booking with $$ Fee – Cancel your booking, and apply the fee (if set up in your Settings). To charge your customer for this fee, you will need to go to your Charge Customers page.

View Changes – Will show you a date/time stamp of every change made to the booking by users and the customer.  View changes will also include any emails sent out manually or by the system.



Book This Again – This action will allow you to create another booking with all of the same information in the current booking (i.e. services, pricing, customer information, custom fields, notes, etc).  The only information that will need to be entered is a new service date/time.

Complete – After selecting Complete, your teams pay will be calculated, and you cannot make any adjustments to the service date/time, or frequency.  The system will automatically Complete all bookings automatically the day after the service. (Go to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduled Tasks for the system’s automatic completion time).

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