Sync Bookings to a Location


You can sync your upcoming bookings to their correct location by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Multi-Locations
  2. Find the Location that you want to sync bookings to and click the Sync iconSync bookings to Location modal - Launch27 online booking
  3. A modal popup will open explaining how the process works. Click Next
  4. You will now see a list of upcoming bookings that may be synced. These bookings may either be added to or removed from the current locationChoose bookings to sync - Launch27 online booking
  5. Choose the bookings that you want synced and click Sync Bookings

The bookings you selected are now synced to their correct location.


Why does the system not allow you to sync completed (i.e. past) bookings?

When you change a booking’s location, this could impact the booking’s final price due to differences in service pricing and taxes between locations.

Because completed bookings have a high chance of being paid for already, or having the earnings info for teams calculated, we don’t sync these to avoid potential problems with the final amounts.

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