Teams – Overview

Teams – Overview

A team (sometimes known as ‘field staff’), are assigned to bookings by the Admin/Staff to physically complete the jobs.  They have very limited visibility in the account, by only allowing them to manage their availability and view their bookings.

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Create a Team

Teams should be created as individuals, but saved with the same Team Name if you would like to group them.  This way, each person to a team has their own profile and is emailed, paid, rated, etc, separately.

To create a Team, go to:

  1. Settings > People > Teams > Add New


Once you’ve created a Team, they will have their own profile where you can view bookings, enter Wages, add Tags etc.


Send your Team(s) a Welcome Email

You can send your Team a welcome email that will allow them to create their password, to log in to the system.

To do this, go to:

  1. Settings > People > Team
  2. Select the Settings gear next to the Teams name
  3. Choose Resend Welcome Email
  4. Your team will receive an email with a link to set up their login password


The email your Team will receive will look like this:


Assign a Team to a Booking

There are two ways to assign a team to a booking, you can assign them via the booking, or the Schedule Bookings page.

Assign your Team via the Booking

  1. Go to your Active Bookings page > select the Booking to open it
  2. Scroll down, and select Assign To
  3. Choose your Team and make any adjustments to pay if necessary
  4. Select Save to save Team changes
  5. Scroll up and select Save to save booking changes

teams2Assign your Team via Schedule Bookings Page

  1. Go to your Schedule Bookings page > select the Calendar icon  calendaricon
  2. Select your booking (unassigned bookings will be grey)
  3. Select Assign


Assign your Team by Dragging/Dropping

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