Time Log – FAQs

Cleaner: How do you view time logs?

You select the menu at the bottom left hand corner. And then you select time logs. This shows you the time logs for the day.


How do you filter time logs?

You simply select the magnifying glass on the time log page and choose the team you want to filter. If you don’t want to filter for any team just go back to the time log screen choose the second option and select date range.  Once you have done that you can apply the filter and it would show you all the time logs within that date range. You can also select the time logs for that day by selecting the days date.


Why do some time logs have an orange flag?

When a time log has an orange flag it means everything is not quite right with that particular time log. Certain conditions that would make a time log orange are:

  • No duration was set for the time log.
  • The duration is set and the time is above that duration it would flag that as well.
  • If a team checks out at greater distance than what is in the settings, that would also flag the time log. For example if a team checks out ten miles away from the booking, the app would flag it to let you know that this might not be an okay time log.


What is auto time?

This is when a team logs their own time and this would be different from the check in and check out time. And that would let you know if they are trying to change logs on you. This would also show you distance travelled, the amount of time worked.


How do you Edit Time logs on the web app?

You can edit time logs on the web app by;

  • Log into the web dashboard
  • Scroll to payments and choose Time Tracking Logs
  • Select the particular day or days you want to edit the time logs

For teams: How do they schedule Time Off?

  • You can schedule time logs by selecting Availability from the Home Screen.
  • Select the day or number of days that you want time off.
  • Confirm from the dialogue box.

For admin: How to approve Time off.

  • You will receive a notification on the staff or cleaner that requested the time off with details. You can not currently approve time off.


For Admin: Teams cannot log time manually?

Please check whether the “Teams can log time manually” option is turned on or off on the Preferences page of the Admin app.


For Admin: Can I turn the chat functionality of the app off?

You can turn the Chat functionality of teams off from the admin app. Just turn “All Team to Team Chat” on or off to enable or disable team chats on the team app.

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