Troubleshooting the Booking Form Widget

Here are a few common problems you may run into when installing the widget:

  • The Booking Form looks cut off on my site
  • The Booking Form shows the main navigation menu
  • The Booking Form shows my site logo

Make Sure the Widget Code is Correct (Most Common Solution)

​Please make sure you copy the code exactly as it is from your Widget page.

You want to make sure the URL in the code uses ‘https’ (NOT ‘http’): ​

<iframe scrolling="no" src="https://your-site.launch27.com/?w" style="border:none;width:610px;height:1900px;overflow:hidden"></iframe>  

​Make sure your Page has enough Room

Please make sure your page has at least this much room for the Booking Form to fit:

  • width: 610px
  • height: 1900px

Adjust the Height of the Form

If the form looks too short (or tall), you can follow these instructions to adjust the height of the form.

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