Using Your Twilio Phone Number


When we first started offering SMS notifications (i.e text message alerts), we used a US-based local phone number with a 202 area code (since we’re based in Washington DC).

At that time we had less than 100 companies sending 700 text messages per month.

Today we have about 700 companies sending 16K messages per month on the same number.

Twilio recently alerted us that our number is being overused. As a result, the number is at risk of being considered spam by phone carriers.

This means that it’s ‘possible’ that some customers may not receive their notifications, and in many cases, carriers won’t tell us if messages are flagged as spam. They do this in order to prevent real spammers from getting around their security protocols.

Before this becomes a big problem for Launch27 customers, we wanted to provide a solution to ensure that your appointment reminders get delivered reliably so your business won’t be affected.

Solution: Use your own Twilio Number

The best option would be for our customers to purchase a Twilio number and so that Launch27 can use it to send SMS messages to your customers.

We’ve offered this capability for several months now, but we haven’t made it mandatory to do so.

The benefits of using your own number would be:

  • Sent from a local number of your choice – SMS messages will be sent from a phone number that can be local to your customers. Customers will be more comfortable receiving your messages and won’t think you’re a spammer that got their phone number somehow.
  • Cheaper and easier than Short Codes – Twilio numbers only cost $1 per month and $0.0075 per message. That works out to $8.75 per month if you send out 1000 SMS messages per month (i.e. you could send a reminder for up to 33 jobs every day). This would be much cheaper than if we had to pass on the costs of a short code number to all of our customers (learn about short codes below)
  • Increase Deliverability Rate – Since you’re using your own number, your chances of getting flagged as spam greatly decreases. You would have to be sending messages to over 200 recipients per day before any red flags would be raised.
  • Get Started Today – as mentioned earlier, we already have this capability in Launch27 today. You could get everything set up in a few minutes and have the peace of mind that your reminders are being delivered.

What happens next?

All Launch27 customers must use their own Twilio number by our Sept 2017 deployment

If you’re currently using Launch27’s text message reminder feature, you will have until the 3rd or 4th Friday of September to buy your own Twilio number and integrate it into your account.

After that, the Text Message feature for your account will not work anymore until you connect your own Twilio number.

This change will take place during our September 2017 deployment (TBA).

Start using your own Twilio Number today

The first thing you need to do is create a Twilio account and purchase a Twilio number for SMS.

Once you do that, you’ll need to follow the instruction in your Launch27 account’s Twilio integration page to connect your Twilio number to Launch27.

Please contact us at support@launch27.com of you have any questions.

More Info

What are Short Codes?

A short code is a 5-6 digit number used to send large volumes of SMS messages.

They cost up to $1K per month to lease, and the price per SMS message sent is 33% more expensive than the current price we are paying.

On top of that, a vendor like Launch27 would need to apply for a unique short code for each country that we support since each short code number has to be approved by carriers in the country we’ll be sending messages to.

In short, this is NOT a viable solution due to the complexity and costs of having short codes per country we support. Since Launch27 does not have the financial resources of a large company like Twitter or Bank of America, we would have to pass on the costs to our customers. These costs would put an unnecessary burden on our customers (versus paying $1/month for a local number and paying a few dollars to send thousands of messages).

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