Migrating to Launch27 Payment Processor from Stripe

[Important] Migrating to Launch27 Payment Processor from Stripe

***If your business is USA based, please READ***
****If your business is located outside of the USA, please disregard.****

We have 3 easy steps you will need to take in order to get Launch27’s payment processor, Launch27 Pay. It’s important to complete these steps as soon as possible! Once complete, you’ll still be able to process your payments in your account through Stripe until we fully migrate to Launch27 Pay.

Your current Stripe account will not be affected by the actions we’ve requested of you.. You’ll still operate and charge your client’s cards as usual until you are fully migrated over to Launch27 Pay.

It will take less than 5 minutes to complete these steps.

As way to say thank you for your continued support, we would like to extend to you a gift upon completion of Steps #1 through #3.

STEP #1: Register for your Launch27 Pay account.


STEP #2: When logged in to Stripe, Click the box below to request your data migration. In the comment box Stripe provides after, simply put “
We wish to transfer our tokens to Fullsteam Operations.” 

CONTACT STRIPE: Request Data Migration

STEP #3: Forward us the email confirmation you receive after submitting your request to Stripe to migrate your data (send to support@launch27.com).


  • If Stripe asks where you are migrating your data to, simply reply “Fullsteam”.
  • If Stripe asks for a key, you can find Fullsteam’s public key using this link.

That’s it. Super simple and super easy. Once we migrate your account to Version 2, you will be able to hit the ground running and taking payments.

Here are a couple helpful links to review before getting started.

 Launch27 Pay Application Checklist

 Guide for Completing Launch27 Pay Application

 More Info on Data Migration from Stripe

You thought we forgot about your gift? No we didn’t!

For a limited time, upon our receipt of STEP #3, you’ll receive a Launch27 Yeti Mug. (pic below)

What is a YETI mug you ask… Only The Best Ultra-Durable, Over-Engineered Drinkware which Keeps Cold Drinks Colder, and Hot Drinks Hotter!

Don’t believe me, complete these steps and find out!

Please allow a few weeks to receive your mug.

Have any questions? Take a look at our FAQ and Release notes

️ You can also chat with our Support Team or email Launch27 Support at support@launch27.com.