Booking Form

Service Categories

Overview You can organize your services into different categories. When you do so, customers can choose to view all of your services by category when they’re filling out your booking form. Create a Service Category Go to Settings > Services > Service Categories Click Add New Enter a Name for your category Under Services, select each service you would like to add to this category Click Save Repeat these steps for as many categories as you have. Changing the Display […]

1-Time vs Every-Time Items in Recurring Booking

Overview You have the option of setting these items as “This Booking only” or “every booking” on a recurring booking: Extras Tip Price Adjustment This is useful when: the customer only wants to have the extra service done for a specific booking in the recurring series the customer wants to add the same Tip amount for every booking staff wants to add a Price Adjustment for “This Booking only” or for every booking Default Preference for Extras You can specify […]

Install Your Booking Form in WordPress

You can install your Launch27 booking form into any of your WordPress pages by following these steps. In Launch27: Go to Settings > Booking Form > Install Form Copy the code (for those using the Premium Booking Form, select your form in the dropdown before copying the code)   In WordPress: Go to Pages > Add New Select the Text tab > paste the code

Multi-Locations – Overview

Multi-Locations – Overview What can Multi-Locations do for you? Do you service multiple locations that require different pricing? Are you receiving bookings that are not in your service areas? Do you want to grow your revenue by servicing multiple locations? Multi-Locations allows you to do all of the above and more: Create different service locations based on zip/postal code Offer different pricing and scheduling availability for each of your service areas Prevent customers from booking appointments if they live outside […]

Form is not populating values passing via the URL

Are you having issues with your booking form not being pre-populated when you pass values via the URL for: a certain number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms a Discount Code Customer info like Email or Zip Code The reason this could be happening could be because of a piece of HTML code in your site that is preventing our code from reading values from the URL and passing it to the booking form widget. This HTML code is a meta tag (with the name […]

Carpet Cleaning Form

Carpet Cleaning Form – Overview You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Your customers now have the ability to add multiple services to their booking. With our new Carpet Cleaning Booking Form, your customers can easily choose to get their home cleaned, carpets cleaned, tile and grout cleaned, or whichever service you offer! This is not limited to home/carpet cleaning. This form is customizable to fit whichever service your business offers. Finally, your booking form is no longer […]

Set up Referral Program Link for Emails

Referral Program Link – Overview Learn how to export your Customers data from Launch27 to send out an email campaign for your customer referral program.   Step 1: Enable the Referral Program Enable the Referral Program. Below are detailed instructions on how to enable the Referral Program. https://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/overview-referral-programs/   Step 2: Export your Customer Data Go to: Customers > Click the Export customers button Under Standard Fields, make sure you select Referral Code Click Download   Step 3: Import CSV into Software Import the CSV into your email […]

Set Default Frequency When Booking Form Loads

Default Frequency – Overview You can set a specific Frequency on your booking form to be chosen by default when the form loads. This is useful if you want to encourage clients to choose a certain frequency (i.e. the most popular option). When adding or editing a frequency, there’s a checkbox that you can check to enable this feature.   Now when the booking form loads, your default frequency is selected by default:

Display a Service Only on the Staff Form

Service Only – Overview You can use this feature if you prefer that certain services be visible only to Staff members. An example of when you would use this is if you only offer a particular service for certain clients (i.e commercial clients) and you do not want the rest of your clients (i.e. residential) that visit your booking form to try to book this service. When adding or editing a service, there’s a checkbox that you can check.

Enable Duration for Bookings

Overview Now you can set a duration (i.e. time estimate) on your Services , Pricing Parameters and Extras for how long you think it will take to perform each task (i.e. 2 hours 0 min for a One Bedroom service).  When a Customer books an appointment, we’ll calculate Duration estimate for the booking based on the services chosen by the customer. Step 1) Enable Booking Duration Feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Booking Duration Enable Save Changes […]