Booking Spots

Include Bookings Against your Availability

Overview Staff are allowed to create bookings that have times that are outside of your normal spot availability. For example: Your normal schedule: 8:00AM, 11:00AM, 2:00PM A booking was created by staff outside of your normal availability: 9:00AM You can count these bookings against your normal availability so that the 9:00AM booking above will fall under 8:00AM normal spot. IMPORTANT: If you use arrival windows on your schedule, your booking needs to have an arrival window that matches what’s on your schedule: Your normal […]

Set Your Business Hours

Overview Launch27 allows you to set your business hours for each day of the week: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM Saturday: 8:00AM – 1:00PM Sunday: Closed If a customer tries to book an appointment for a time that is outside of your business hours, the system will show that time as unavailable. If you have our multi-location feature, you can also set different business hours for each location in your account.   How to Set your Default Business Hours Go […]

Availability Based on Team Availability

Overview You can base your schedule availability on the availability of your teams. Instead of manually setting how many spots are available, Launch27 can set the number of available spots based on the number of teams that are available for any given time slot. How it Works If you have 3 teams available at 8:00AM, the schedule will show that 3 spots are available. If a customer books an appointment for 8:00AM, then the nummber of spots decreases by 1 […]

How to Block Spots Based on Duration

Block Spots – Overview Now you can use the duration settings of your Services to automatically block off availability on your schedule when bookings spill over into the next time spot.   How to Block Spots based on Duration Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to the Booking Duration section Choose ‘Enabled’ (if Duration is not enabled) Check the box “Update my Availability when a Booking’s duration overlaps into the next available spot”. Click Save Changes. NOTE: Please make […]

Enable Duration for Bookings

Overview Now you can set a duration (i.e. time estimate) on your Services , Pricing Parameters and Extras for how long you think it will take to perform each task (i.e. 2 hours 0 min for a One Bedroom service).  When a Customer books an appointment, we’ll calculate Duration estimate for the booking based on the services chosen by the customer. Step 1) Enable Booking Duration Feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Booking Duration Enable Save Changes […]

How to Mark a Booking as Complete

Booking Complete – Overview Now you can mark a booking as Completed as soon as the service time passes. Just go to the booking at any time after its service time has passed and click “Complete”. The booking will then be marked as completed, and you will see it added under the assigned Team on your Team Payment’s page

Block Spots for Recurring Bookings

Block Spots – Overview When a Customer books a recurring booking, you want to ensure that the Customer’s spot on your calendar will take into account the future bookings in the recurring series. This will prevent other Customer accidentally overbooking by selecting the same spot that is reserved for the recurring booking.   How it Works Launch27 lets you block up to 12 booking spots into the future. Lets assume you configured your settings to block off 2 bookings into […]