Availability Based on Team Availability

Overview You can base your schedule availability on the availability of your teams. Instead of manually setting how many spots are available, Launch27 can set the number of available spots based on the number of teams that are available for any given time slot. How it Works If you have 3 teams available at 8:00AM, the schedule will show that 3 spots are available. If a customer books an appointment for 8:00AM, then the nummber of spots decreases by 1 […]

Cancel a Booking – Overview

Overview There are two ways of canceling a booking, either by Staff or the Customer can cancel their booking by logging into their account.  There are Cancellation Policies and Fees you can customize, as well as Cancellation Emails to notify your customers of your policy and fees.   Booking Cancelled by Staff Open the booking that you want to Cancel, and select Cancel Booking or Cancel Booking with Fee. You have two choices when Cancelling a booking. If you have […]

Active Bookings Page – Overview

Active Bookings Page – Overview Your Active Bookings page is going to show a list view of all bookings (non-cancelled bookings, completed bookings, current bookings). Based on your Block Settings, you can also view what days your forecasted bookings in a recurring series will fall on. Your Active Bookings page is the first page that will appear when you log into your account. If you are anywhere else in the system, you can find the Active Bookings page by selecting […]

Staff Booking Form – Overview

Navigating the Staff Booking Form The staff booking form has a different appearance than the booking form on your website. This form is used internally for staff to view, make changes, or create new bookings for customers’ on their behalf. The very top of the form, before any sections begin will be the booking service Date, Time, and Customer Name. To the right of the customer’s name will be a green tag if it is a new customer (a customer who […]

Cancel a Recurring Booking

Cancel a Recurring Booking – Overview When a Staff user tries to cancel a booking in a recurring series, the system will ask if it should cancel: This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited) This Booking  + All Future Bookings Specific Bookings you choose This gives Staff the flexibility to cancel only certain bookings vs all bookings in the  series. Here’s a few examples of when this would be useful. How to Cancel a Recurring Booking Staff users may cancel a recurring booking by: […]

Create a Test Booking

Create a Test Booking via Booking Form: Fill out the booking form on your site Login to your Launch27 account View the test booking in your Active Bookings page. Create a Test Booking via the Staff Login: Login to Launch27 Selecting the + icon Add Booking. Create a Test Booking Without Entering Card Information: Settings > Subdomain tab Check to accept Cash as a payment method Create your test booking NOTE: Adding your credit card information will not cause the system to charge your card. […]

Exclude 1st booking from Recurring/Frequency Discount

Overview This feature will allow you to exclude the frequency (aka recurring) discount from the first booking in the recurring series. To Enable this, go to: Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Recurring Bookings For the option of Frequency Discount, select “Excludes the First booking of a recurring appointment” Click Save Settings Once this setting is enabled, when customers create a recurring booking, the first booking will not have the discount applied. From the moment you enable this setting, when a new recurring booking is […]

Set Default Frequency When Booking Form Loads

Default Frequency – Overview You can set a specific Frequency on your booking form to be chosen by default when the form loads. This is useful if you want to encourage clients to choose a certain frequency (i.e. the most popular option). When adding or editing a frequency, there’s a checkbox that you can check to enable this feature.   Now when the booking form loads, your default frequency is selected by default:

How to Block Spots Based on Duration

Block Spots – Overview Now you can use the duration settings of your Services to automatically block off availability on your schedule when bookings spill over into the next time spot.   How to Block Spots based on Duration Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to the Booking Duration section Choose ‘Enabled’ (if Duration is not enabled) Check the box “Update my Availability when a Booking’s duration overlaps into the next available spot”. Click Save Changes. NOTE: Please make […]

Display a Service Only on the Staff Form

Service Only – Overview You can use this feature if you prefer that certain services be visible only to Staff members. An example of when you would use this is if you only offer a particular service for certain clients (i.e commercial clients) and you do not want the rest of your clients (i.e. residential) that visit your booking form to try to book this service. When adding or editing a service, there’s a checkbox that you can check.