Add a Tip/Gratuity to Booking as Staff user

Log in to your Launch 27 account Go to the Active Bookings page Click the Booking you would like to add a Tip to Enter an amount into the Tip field Click Save Changes To actually charge the customer for this tip (if you’ve already charged them for the regular service) go back to the Payments page to charge the booking again for the Tip amount: https://launch27.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1529857-how-to-charge-a-customer

View Email Notifications sent to Customers

You can view a log of all of the Email notifications that have been sent to the Customer for any Booking by: Go to Active Bookings Click on the Booking you want to see Email Notifications for Click the View Changes button Among all of the changes made to this booking, you will see a each email notification that was sent.

Make Changes to a Booking after Completion

You can make changes to a Booking after its been marked as Completed so long as you have not charged the Customer yet. If you’ve already charged the Customer, simply refund the amount that was charged for the Booking first, then make your changes to the Booking. IMPORTANT: If you only need to refund part of the amount that was already charged, you can issue a partial refund in Stripe: Log in to Stripe Click on the Payments link from the […]

Making Price Adjustments to Bookings

You can adjust the Price of the Booking for unexpected expenses or last-minute discounts etc. For example, maybe there was a lot more time spent on the job than expected, or maybe your Team was running late and you wanted to give the Customer $10 off for their inconvenience. How to Make Price Adjustments Note: You must belong to the Staff member role to be able to  Go to Bookings -> Active Bookings Select the Booking you want to add […]

Adding Comments/Notes to Bookings

Special Instructions or Comments can be added by both the Customer and your Staff. How Customers add Comments to a Booking Customers can log into their accounts and edit their Booking to add Comments. Customer goes to their Dashboard page Clicks the Edit button next to the Booking they want to add comments to Enters special instructions into the Comment section Clicks Save Changes These special instructions / comments will now be added to your Team's schedule email, and are […]

How to set a Late Cancellation Fee

Go to Settings  Click the Subdomain tab Enter a flat amount into the Booking Cancellation Fee field (or enter 0 if you do not want to charge a fee). Click Save Changes.

Cancellations – Overview

A booking can be cancelled by either Staff or the Customer by logging in to their Customer account. When a booking is Cancelled the following emails are sent out if they are enabled in your email templates: Sent to Customers Booking Cancellation: Sent to the customer when the booking is cancelled by the Customer.  This is to confirm the cancellation. Booking Late Cancellation: Sent to the Customer when the booking is cancelled by the customer via their customer account. Customers may incur a […]

Restore a Cancelled Booking

Sometimes a Customer may want to undo their cancellation and ask that you restore their original Booking. Go to Bookings -> Cancelled Bookings Click the Restore button next to the Booking you want to restore When the dialog asks “Are you sure ?”, click OK. 

Setup a Thank You Page to Track Conversions

Overview If you have conversion scripts that you use to track conversion goals, you can have Launch27 call them after a customer creates a booking on your site. You just need to create a Thank You page and tell Launch27 to send the customer there after their booking is created. Here’s how: Create a Thank You Page on your company website Paste any conversion scripts you have onto this page In Launch27, go to Settings > Booking Form > Booking Form Confirmation […]

You’ve gotten your first Booking. Now what?

Follow these easy steps and everything will go off without a hitch. Step 1: CONFIRM THE JOB Make sure you have a team that can do the job at the date/time/location that the client requested. Launch 27 automatically sends an email to the client to let them know that you received their booking. However, you will need to send a final confirmation that everything is good to go.  Launch 27 makes this easy for you: Go to the Active Bookings […]