Charging Customers

Special Sales Tax for Customers

Overview Sometimes you may get customers that are either tax-exempt or have a different tax rate than your normal customers: People who live on a university campus may not pay taxes in one city Some people are not subject to sales tax, or Some people may have a lower tax rate if they are non-profit To accommodate these customers, Launch27 allows you to set a special sales tax that will be used when calculating the sales taxes owed for their bookings. How to Add a […]

Auto-Charge & Put Credit Cards on Hold

Overview You have the option to automatically put holds on credit cards and charge them in Launch27 using these scheduled tasks: Put On Hold With Stripe Charge Cards With Stripe How it Works Once enabled, these tasks allow you to specify the time of day to run each task relative to a booking’s service date: Same Day as booking X days Before a booking X days After a booking For example, you can: Put Cards on Hold at 7:00AM on the SAME DAY as the booking, and […]

Stripe – Overview

Stripe – Overview Connecting to Stripe will allow you to accept payments from your customers via credit card. Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. How to Connect to Stripe Go to Settings Select your Stripe tab Select No Payouts (Payouts to Teams and Staff is no longer available) Select Connect to Stripe Once you are connected, you will see a green tag labeled ‘Connected’.

How Paypal Works

The PayPal payment method works more like cash/check, everything is handled outside of the system. It’s not a true integration where you can send invoices and receive payment notifications from within Launch27 itself. Everything will have to be done manually outside of Launch27. We added it as a payment option for Launch27 users that operate in countries where Stripe credit card payments is not supported. We recommend you not use Paypal if you are able to use Stripe (which all US […]

Pre-Authorize a Customer’s Credit Card

The Problem Before we would wait until after the job was completed to charge the credit card.  That worked…unless the person’s card declined, then we would suffer a loss unless the client updated a new credit card.  We lost a lot of money this way. Next step was to charge the credit card before we started the job.  Problem then was having clients cancel before we got there and having to issue refunds (or having folks be mad that we […]

How to Accept Cash/Check as Payment

The Cash and Check payment options are disabled by default, but you can enable them by: Go to Settings On the My Account page, click the Subdomain tab Go to the Payment Options checkboxes, and select Cash and/or Check   Click Save Changes Now your Customers will have the option to pay with Cash or Check when they create a Booking. Customers may also change their form of Payment back to Credit Card by logging into their account.

Charge Customers – Overview

Overview Launch27 will not automatically charge your customers, bookings will need to be charged by the Admin on the account.  Your Charge Customers page will also give you an overview of the pay statuses for all bookings (including non-credit card bookings). (Note* Make sure your account is connected to Stripe to charge your Credit Card Customers.)   Mark a non-Credit Card Booking as Paid: Go to your Charge Customers page Select the  button, then select Paid Enter the amount paid for the booking, […]