Customer Emails

Customer Emails Overview Email notifications are sent from a no-reply email by the system, if your customer responds to any of the emails, their response will be sent to your support email address.   Enable/Disable Customer Emails You can disable email notifications sent to your customers. Enabling or Disabling emails from this setting will apply to all customers. Go to Settings > Emails > Email Templates Select the Customer Tab Select the Enable/Disable button next to the email template Manage […]

Add a Company Name to a Customer

Overview If your customer is a company, you can add their Company Name to their profile: Go to Customers and find the customer you want to add a Company Name to Click the settings icon under the Customer Info section Click Edit Contact Info Enter a value into the Company Name field Click Save   You will now be able to: See the customer’s Company Name throughout the system Lookup the customer by Company Name when creating bookings or searching for bookings

Block Customers from Booking Appointments

Block Customers – Overview If you ever get a customer that you would prefer to not service again in the future, you can block their account so they are not able to book new appointments any more. How it Works Once you block a customer’s account, they will not be able to create a new booking using the email address that’s linked to their account anymore. If they try to, they will not be able to choose a date and time no matter which date they […]

Manage a Customer’s Email Preferences

Overview You can disable specific email notifications for your customer by changing their email preferences. Customers may also do this themselves via their self-service account, or the Manage Email Preferences link in the footer of the email notifications. How to Manage a Customer’s Email Preferences Go to Customers Click on the customer whose email preferences you’d like to change Click on the Settings icon > Email Preferences  Check/un-check any email you want to subscribe/unsubscribe the customer from receiving Click Save Changes […]

Special Sales Tax for Customers

Overview Sometimes you may get customers that are either tax-exempt or have a different tax rate than your normal customers: People who live on a university campus may not pay taxes in one city Some people are not subject to sales tax, or Some people may have a lower tax rate if they are non-profit To accommodate these customers, Launch27 allows you to set a special sales tax that will be used when calculating the sales taxes owed for their bookings. How to Add a […]

Set up Referral Program Link for Emails

Referral Program Link – Overview Learn how to export your Customers data from Launch27 to send out an email campaign for your customer referral program.   Step 1: Enable the Referral Program Enable the Referral Program. Below are detailed instructions on how to enable the Referral Program. https://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/overview-referral-programs/   Step 2: Export your Customer Data Go to: Customers > Click the Export customers button Under Standard Fields, make sure you select Referral Code Click Download   Step 3: Import CSV into Software Import the CSV into your email […]

Tags – Overview

Tags – Overview Tags can be used to easily categorize or add notes to a Customer or Team profile. How to add Tags to a Customer You can add tags to a customer by: Go to Customers Click on a Customer you want to add a Tag to Type the tag into the tag field and click Enter Examples of where Customer tags are displayed: Customer Profile Customers Index Active Bookings page Cancelled Bookings Staff New/Edit Booking form Current Scheduler […]

Customer Feedback/Ratings

Customer Feedback/Ratings – Overview Rating Emails are automatically sent to collect feedback from every customer on their service. The feedback will be linked to the assigned teams allowing you to assess their strengths and areas for improvement. How it Works For every booking with an assigned team, the system will send an email the day after their booking is completed. The email will allow your Customer to click on a link to show how happy they are with the Service. The Customer is then […]

Manually Add a Customer to the System

Manually Add a Customer to the System Go to Users -> Customers Click ‘Add New’ Enter the Customer’s data Click Save Changes.

How can Customers contact Customer Support?

Customers can contact customer support by: Signing in to their account  Clicking Support in the menu Choosing either Email Support or Live Chat