Discount Codes

Discount Codes with Service Date Restrictions

Overview You can now set two types of service date restrictions on your discount codes: Service Date must be within a specific date range (i.e. April 1st – April 7th) Service Date must be for specific days of the week (i.e. Tuesdays and Wednesdays only) Discount Code for Specific Date range This is useful if you want to run a special promotion on a certain date(s). You simply need to set a starting and ending date: Go to Settings > Promotions […]

Combine Discount Codes w/ Frequency Discount

Overview Launch27 gives you the option to allow Discount Codes to be combined with Frequency discounts. This is useful if you already offer Frequency discounts for recurring bookings, but want to give customers an even bigger discount for booking with you. How It Works: When you create a discount code, you can enable a setting that allows that discount code to be combined with any Frequency discount. If that discount code is used on a booking that already has a […]

Exclude Services/Extras from Frequency Discounts

Overview Launch27 gives you the option to exclude certain Services and Extras from being eligible for discount codes and/or Frequency discounts. This is useful if you simply do not want to give discounts on certain services and extras. How It Works: When you create a Service or Extra, you can enable settings that will exclude it from being eligible for discount codes, frequency discounts or both. When that Service or Extra is added to a booking that uses any discount […]

Set up Referral Program Link for Emails

Referral Program Link – Overview Learn how to export your Customers data from Launch27 to send out an email campaign for your customer referral program.   Step 1: Enable the Referral Program Enable the Referral Program. Below are detailed instructions on how to enable the Referral Program. https://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/overview-referral-programs/   Step 2: Export your Customer Data Go to: Customers > Click the Export customers button Under Standard Fields, make sure you select Referral Code Click Download   Step 3: Import CSV into Software Import the CSV into your email […]

Discount Codes – Overview

Discount Codes – Overview Discount Codes (aka Coupon Codes) can be used by Customers when they create a Booking. You may create as many Discount Codes as you like Customers can only use 1 Discount Code at a time (i.e using two Discounts on one Booking is not allowed)   How to Create a Discount Code Go to Settings > Promotions > Discount Codes Click the Add New button Enter your values for the new discount. (see below for help with entering […]