Managing Office Staff

User Roles and Permissions

User Roles and Permissions Here’s an overview of the different Roles you can assign. Staff Staff can do the following: Manage Bookings Manage Customers View Reports (excluding Dashboard and revenue related reports) Manage Services Manage Extras Manage Frequencies Manage Booking Spots availability Manage Discount Codes Manage Teams Manage Email and SMS (text message) Templates Gift Cards   Staff: Technical Administrator Technical Administrator can do the following: Everything Staff role can do Manage Staff   Staff: Administrator The Administrator role is […]

Office Staff – Overview

Office Staff – Overview If you have office Staff, you can add them to Launch 27 and grant them to access to the system as an Admin or regular Staff role. Staff members can do the following: Add/Edit/Cancel Bookings Manage Customer data Admin members can do the following: Everything Staff members can do Edit Site Settings Process Customer, Team and Staff payments View Reports   Add a Staff User Go to Settings > People > Office Staff > Add New […]