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Call Masking – FAQs

What is call masking? Call Masking is the ability for the techs to call the client without seeing the client’s phone number. When it comes to calling the clients there are three options: Turning of contact altogether. So it means that when the tech has an issue of some sort, they call the office and the office calls the client. The second option is to allow the techs free reign to call the client. And so in the mobile app, […]

Time Log – FAQs

Cleaner: How do you view time logs? You select the menu at the bottom left hand corner. And then you select time logs. This shows you the time logs for the day.   How do you filter time logs? You simply select the magnifying glass on the time log page and choose the team you want to filter. If you don’t want to filter for any team just go back to the time log screen choose the second option and […]