Manage a Customer’s Email Preferences

Overview You can disable specific email notifications for your customer by changing their email preferences. Customers may also do this themselves via their self-service account, or the Manage Email Preferences link in the footer of the email notifications. How to Manage a Customer’s Email Preferences Go to Customers Click on the customer whose email preferences you’d like to change Click on the Settings icon > Email Preferences  Check/un-check any email you want to subscribe/unsubscribe the customer from receiving Click Save Changes […]

Receiving Real-Time Web Notifications

Overview Launch27 can send real-time notifications to your desktop browser any time an important event happens to a booking (i.e. a staff or customer creates, changes or cancels a booking). To use this feature, you must grant permission to Launch27 to send notifications to your browser. Once you do this, you’ll see a notification while you’re logged into Launch27 as soon as the event happens: Clicking on the notification will take you to the booking. How to Enable Desktop Notifications Click on the article for […]

Twilio Integration – Overview

Overview Important: Starting September 29, 2017, you must use your own Twilio account and phone number to be able to use Launch27’s SMS notifications feature. Twilio is the service that Launch27 uses to send text message alerts. In order to use the text messaging feature, Launch27 offers a Twilio integration so you can link your Twilio account to send text messages. This article will show you how to create a Twilio account, purchase a phone number and set everything up in Launch27 to send text messages. How […]

Text Message Reminders

Customize your Text Messages Go to Settings > Text Messages Select the Reminder template that you want to edit Make your changes (refer to our list codes to generate booking data) Select Save or Send a Test   Enable/Disable Text Message Reminders Go to Settings Text Messages Select Enable/Disable next to the Text Message template  

When is the Rating Email Sent to Customers?

Overview An automated task sends out the review the day after service is completed. Change the Time the Ratings Emails are sent If you’d like to send the rating emails at a different time by: Going to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduled Tasks Select the Edit icon to the right of the task Change the Execute at value to the time you want the rating emails to be sent Click Save NOTE: The review is only sent if you have assigned a […]

Error When Clicking the Confirmation Link

Overview Are you or your Customers/Teams/Staff seeing an error message when they click the account confirmation link? This usually happens when the customer tries to confirm their account multiple times, and the system sends them multiple confirmation emails. For security reasons, we have to generate a new confirmation link each time this is done. The error they are seeing is because they are not clicking on the MOST RECENT confirmation email link. They need to click on that one in order […]

Customize Your Email & Text Message Templates

Customize Email & Text Message Templates – Overview You can customize what data you would like to show in your email templates. How it Works Suppose your customer’s name is Andrew and you want your booking confirmation email to have a greeting that says “Hello Andrew”. You would simply need to add the data placeholder for the Customer’s first name to your booking confirmation template: Hello {{ booking.first_name }} Booking Info **IMPORTANT:** these data attributes can only be used in email templates that contain Booking data (i.e. […]

How to Manage a Team’s Email Preferences

How to Manage a Team’s Email Preferences Go to Settings -> People -> Teams Click on the Team whose email preferences you’d like to change Click the Email Preferences tab Check/un-check any email you want to subscribe/unsubscribe the Team from receiving Click Save Changes  

How to Manage Team Schedules

How to Manage Team Schedules You may use the Scheduler when you want to assign/unassign multiple Bookings to a Team at once. Note: You may also change the Team that’s assigned to a Booking by editing the Booking. The Scheduler gives you a complete view of: Bookings that are Unassigned and Bookings that are assigned to each of your Teams  Being able to see each Team’s schedule and availability at once makes it easy to do your scheduling without having […]

How to Enable/Disable Email Notifications

How to Enable/Disable Email Notifications You’re permitted to disable certain email notifications if you prefer: Go to Settings -> Email Notifications Find the Email Notification you want to enable/disable. Click the Enable/Disable button. If it’s enabled, you’ll see a green enabled button, a red button if its disabled) . Click Ok to confirm you want to proceed   Which Emails Can’t be Disabled? You may not disable the following emails that are used by the system: Forgot Password Email Confirmation […]