Sales Tax

Special Sales Tax for Customers

Overview Sometimes you may get customers that are either tax-exempt or have a different tax rate than your normal customers: People who live on a university campus may not pay taxes in one city Some people are not subject to sales tax, or Some people may have a lower tax rate if they are non-profit To accommodate these customers, Launch27 allows you to set a special sales tax that will be used when calculating the sales taxes owed for their bookings. How to Add a […]

Adding a Sales Tax to your Bookings

Overview Launch 27 gives you the option of adding a sales tax to the final amount of all of your bookings. You simply set the sales tax percentage (i.e. 5%) in your site settings and we’ll multiply it by the amount for the booking (after discounts and price adjustments are applied). How to Enable Sales Tax Go to Settings > Sales Taxes Click Enable Sales Tax feature A modal popup will appear. Click the switch to change it from Off to On If you’ve […]