Scheduled Tasks

Auto-Charge & Put Credit Cards on Hold

Overview You have the option to automatically put holds on credit cards and charge them in Launch27 using these scheduled tasks: Put On Hold With Stripe Charge Cards With Stripe How it Works Once enabled, these tasks allow you to specify the time of day to run each task relative to a booking’s service date: Same Day as booking X days Before a booking X days After a booking For example, you can: Put Cards on Hold at 7:00AM on the SAME DAY as the booking, and […]

When is the Rating Email Sent to Customers?

Overview An automated task sends out the review the day after service is completed. Change the Time the Ratings Emails are sent If you’d like to send the rating emails at a different time by: Going to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduled Tasks Select the Edit icon to the right of the task Change the Execute at value to the time you want the rating emails to be sent Click Save NOTE: The review is only sent if you have assigned a […]

Scheduled Tasks – Overview

Scheduled Tasks – Overview Scheduled Tasks include the following Complete Bookings – When this task is run, the system will mark all past Bookings as Completed.  (Defaults to 12:15 AM) Send Booking Rating Emails – When this task is run, the system will send emails to Customers to ask for feedback and ratings about their Booking. This is usually sent the next day after a Booking is completed. (Defaults to 8:00 AM) Send Booking Reminder Emails & Text Messages – When […]