What’s New – September Release

Here is a brief list of what we recently updated/added in the new release.


  • Multi-Location – Allows you to create different service locations based on zip/postal code. Here is an Overview on Multi-Locations.
  • Detailed Logs of every email notification sent out by the system – You can now view a log of all emails and their content by going to Settings > Emails > Emails Log.
  • Price Summary Follows you on premium Booking Form – As you scroll up and down your booking page, the price summary will float.
  • Delete Customers – You can now delete your customers by selecting the Settings gear in your Customer profile. To view the customers that have been deleted, go to Customers > Deleted Customers Log.
  • Teams can add their own Bank Info – Your Teams sign in to their account, and update their own Bank Information.
  • Email messages to Customers and Teams – You can send a message by going to the settings gear in your Customer/Team profile.
  • New Bookings Report – In your Reports tab, you can view a report on the number of new bookings received by Day, Week, or Month.
  • New Bookings by Promotion Report – In your Reports tab, you can view a report on new bookings created using a promotion (discount code, gift cards, etc).
  • Refund Gift Card Purchases¬†– You can refund gift card purchases by selecting the settings gear next to the gift card purchase. Here is an Overview on Gift Cards.
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